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a collaborative learning simulation

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sim-uni learning simulation models a university and will embed your strategic goals and improve cross-functional working.

Innovative Learning

sim-uni is a computer-based collaborative learning simulation (resource management game) that is used as a training aid within an interactive workshop. It has been developed in a partnership between pixelfountain and The University of Manchester.

sim-uni promotes big picture thinking, understanding of cause & effect, breaks down silos and develops soft skills & effective decision making. These skills have lasting benefits - transforming people & processes, student experience and reputation.

The innovative learning simulation allows delegates to experience a virtual university where they have to negotiate, work together and think strategically. The delegates are divided into teams that take on different roles in the game, i.e. different functions of a university: research, teaching, admin and support. Delegates see how the successful integration of the different functions of a university means the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. To find out more about how the simulation works, click here.

sim-uni is based on a tried and tested approach that has been used successfully in over 450 workshops to train more than 6,500 people.

We stepped out of our silos.  It was a great opportunity to view the University operation from a different perspective and to appreciate the value of collaborative working across the organisation - Head of Student Operations

Training Guide

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